Multitouch audio toy (requires Web Audio API)

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Slide your fingers across the screen and trigger sounds when touching the triangles.

Technical note : the audio part of the demo is built using the standard Web Audio API, that is coming to Firefox in a near future.

[UPDATE] I got this demo working in Firefox Nightly with a few modifications. As I cannot update the files here during the derby, here's the link to the working version : http://minimal.be/lab/beatsurfing/

This demo was inspired by the Beatsurfing project (a MIDI controller application for iPad) and their creators, the Herrmutt Lobby artist collective.

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Legal notice:
The sound samples, logo and visual elements used in this demo come from the Beatsurfing application and are copyrighted.

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  1. JohnsonCheung tha,

    This is good. I like it. What if it can record and play back? And, the recording file is some simple text?

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