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Build Military Models from Scratch

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Have you ever wondered about assembling a tank or even a jet? I have. This project is an entertainment application for people who love to build things from scratch rather than showing off existing models. In order to visualize the real world experience, I create this 3D assembly example to demonstrate the beauty of assembling from scratch. Also, this is a chance that demonstrates the opportunity to bring physical puzzles into digital crafts.

Click to assemble, Drag to rotate, and Wheel to zoom in/out

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  1. Joshua-S tha,

    Cool demo! It is lots of fun to inspect the model as you build it.
  2. omatt tha,

    Went into the middle and pressed the scroll button on my mouse and got stuck. But it's a demo - it's well made.
  3. Falkon tha,

    That is great.
  4. JohnsonCheung tha,

    Issue: Not working in my local disk.
    Detail: After I download the 3Mbyte of ZIP and unzip to a folder c:\tmp\3d. I open the file, index.html by Chrome: the "loading" does not load. But the "pull down" at top left for wikipedia works fine.
  5. RayChen tha,

    @JOSHUA-S, Thanks! :) I'm glad you like it!
    @OMATT, Yep, you are right. I will remove the bug for next update.
    @FALKON, Thanks! :)
    @JOHNSONCHEUNG, It uses external resources so it won't work locally unless you have a local server. Here is the solution to have it work locally
    or you can upload all the file to your web server and run it remotely.

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