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  • A few HTML tips

    A while ago I wrote an article with some CSS tips, now it’s time to give some polish to our HTML! In this article I’ll share some tips and advice about HTML code. Some of this guidance will be best suited for beginners – how to properly build paragraphs, use ...

  • Using Feature Queries in CSS

    There’s a tool in CSS that you might not have heard of yet. It’s powerful. It’s been there for a while. And it’ll likely become one of your favorite new things about CSS. Behold, the @supports rule. Also known as Feature Queries. With @supports, you can write a small test ...

  • What’s new in Web Audio?

    The Web Audio API is still under development, which means there are new methods and properties being added, renamed, shuffled around or simply removed! In this article, we look at what’s happened since our last update in early 2015, both in the Web Audio specification and in Firefox’s implementation. The ...

  • Developer Edition 50: Console, Memory Tool, Net Monitor and more

    Firefox Developer Edition 50 is here. It has numerous improvements that will help you work with script-initiated network requests, tweak indexedDB data, and much more. It also introduces something special we’ve all been really wanting for a while, so let’s get right to it: Console A long awaited feature is ...

  • js13kGames: Code golf for game devs

    How much is 13 kB? These days a couple of kilobytes seem like a drop in the ocean. Rewind back to the dawn of video game history, however, and you’ll soon realise that early pioneers had to work with crazy limitations. The beloved Atari 2600, for example, had a measly ...

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