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Using Icecream

Note that the icecc-scheduler box in Mountain View has been taken offline, and sccache-dist is the preferred replacement.


Remove the line for `flex` since float doesn't do anything relevant to its display value. (same as for table & block.) Also, add line for `inline-grid` computing to `grid`.


Fix incorrect information about how float affects `display:flex` and `inline-flex` elements. (Formerly this pages said "float has no effect on such elements", but that's not true; float doens't affect flex *items*, but `display:flex` != flex items

Formatting C++ Code With clang-format

add note about "python-hglib" package being required in order for commit hook to work

Box alignment in Flexbox

Clarify language about where column-gaps end up (between adjacent items; not necessarily on either side of an item, particularly for first (last) item which do not get a gap before (after) them.