The Firefox Marketplace provides infrastructure for developers to offer apps to end users.

What you need

Before submitting your app, you need the following:

  • A manifest file for your app. See App Manifest for information.
  • If it is a packaged app, put it into a zip file with the manifest in the root.
  • Web hosting for the app (not required for packaged apps). See Publishing the app for more information.
  • Read and understand the Marketplace review criteria.

Quick start

Are you ready to submit your app right now? Submit an app.

If you need more help, follow the steps in this video:


Submitting an app to the Firefox Marketplace involves the following high-level steps:

  1. Log in to the Firefox Marketplace site.
  2. Enter information about the app.
  3. Optionally, set pricing, payment, and refund options.

Log in to the Firefox Marketplace site

  1. In a Web browser, visit the Firefox Marketplace site.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Developer Hub.
  3. Click the Login/Register link at the top of the page. A login window opens.
  4. Login with Mozilla Persona:
    • If you've previously used Persona, select the email address for the identity you want to use, and click sign in.
    • If you haven't used Persona, or you want to use a different email address, you need to create an account.

    The Persona window closes, and you are logged in to the Marketplace Developer Hub.

Enter information about the app

  1. Click the Submit An App button.
  2. Review the Developer Agreement and click Agree and Continue.
  3. Choose whether your app will be Free or Paid.
  4. Select the devices which your app is compatible with.
  5. Provide the location of your app
    1. If your app is a hosted app, enter the location on your server of the app manifest for your app (this must be a full URL), and click Validate.
      • If the app manifest validates, click Continue.
      • If there are validation errors, correct them and revalidate the manifest.
    2. If your app is a packaged app, click the Packaged tab and select the zip file that you want to upload.
      • The package will upload automatically. If your app validates, click Continue.
      • If there are validation errors, correct them and re-upload your package.
  6. Add the required details for your app's detail page, and any other details you want to add, and click Continue. Note that the required fields are the brief summary, categories, privacy policy, device types, and a screenshot. But a homepage, support site, and support email are highly recommended. The multi-line text fields support HTML, so you can structure and link the text.

If you are charging money for your app or for items within your app, continue to the next section. If you are distributing your app for free, skip to After you submit the app.

Set pricing, payment, and refund options

See App pricing and Maintaining the app.

After you submit the app

Before your app is made available to the public, it goes through a review process to ensure that it is of high quality and not malicious. See Marketplace review criteria for the review criteria and process.

You can use the Manage Status page for your app to view its status in the review process, and to Disable App (hides it from users) or Delete App (removes it from the Firefox Marketplace).

After you have submitted your App and gotten it published, you should start promoting it! We would recommend creating a information and support page somewhere, to point people to for more information. We have created some button assets that you can use to promote your app and link through to the Marketplace.

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