These documents and guides will help you learn how to publish your app and manage it on the Firefox Marketplace.

publishing on the Firefox Marketplace

Pre-submission checklist
A checklist of things you should be sure to do before you submit your app to the Firefox Marketplace.
Submitting an app to the Firefox Marketplace
This step-by-step guide will help you successfully submit your app to the Firefox Marketplace.
Marketplace review criteria
An explanation of the criteria an app must meet in order to be published on the Firefox Marketplace; by following the guidelines laid out in this article, you can smooth the process of getting your app published.
Firefox Marketplace FAQ
A list of frequently asked questions (with answers) about publishing apps on the Firefox Marketplace.

general app publishing topics

Self-publishing apps
If you don't want to go the Firefox Marketplace route, here is some useful information on self-publishing apps.
Packaged Apps
A detailed description of packaged apps, what the different types entail, and what they are used for in the context of the Firefox Marketplace, and self-published apps.
Creating a store
Information that may be helpful to you if you want to build your own store for selling and distributing Open Web Apps.
Adding a subdomain for an app
For security reasons, each app must have its own domain (or subdomain) on the Web. This article covers how to go about creating a subdomain for your app.
Updating apps
Information about how both hosted and packaged app updates are handled, and what you need to do to ensure that your app properly supports updating.
Privacy policy
Your users' privacy is very important, so you need to develop and adhere to a reasonable privacy policy to engender their trust. This article provides a guide to developing privacy policies.


Profiting from your app
This guide contains introductory materials on how to monetize your apps, including tools needed, and a monetization calculator (most of this is TBD).
Marketplace payments
How your app can work with the Firefox Marketplace to enhance your distribution model (and your income, if your app isn't a free one).
In-app payments
A guide to implementing support for in-app payments in your Web app.
Validating a receipt
A guide to when—and how—to validate your app's purchase receipt.
App pricing list
A round up of fixed price points you can choose for your paid apps, and how these vary across different currencies, along with useful supporting information on dealing with app payments.
Payments Status
An at-a-glance summary of what countries have got our app payment services set up in them — basically, where can paid apps be distributed?

Firefox Marketplace APIs

Marketplace utility library
To help you work with the Firefox Marketplace, we provide a JavaScript library you can use in your apps to make it easier to handle in-app payments and verify payment receipts.
Submission API
The Submission API lets you validate your app, update your app, and fetch information about the apps available to be installed.
Payment API
The Payment API lets you get information about and process in-app purchases as well as to simply get information about what pricing tiers are available.
Marketplace API
All Marketplace-related documentation is centered here.

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Tools for app developers
Technology reference documentation
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