The add() method of the DOMTokenList interface adds the given token to the list.


tokenList.add(token1[, token2[, ...tokenN]]);


A DOMString representing the token (or tokens) to add to the tokenList.

Return value



In the following example we retrieve the list of classes set on a <span> element as a DOMTokenList using Element.classList. We then add a new token to the list, and write the list into the <span>'s Node.textContent.

First, the HTML:

<span class="a b c"></span>

Now the JavaScript:

let span = document.querySelector("span");
let classes = span.classList;
span.textContent = classes;

The output looks like this:

You can add multiple tokens as well:

span.classList.add("d", "e", "f");


Specification Status Comment
The definition of 'add()' in that specification.
Living Standard Initial definition

Browser compatibility

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Multiple arguments for add()Chrome Full support 24Edge Full support 12Firefox Full support 26IE No support NoOpera Full support 15Safari Full support 7WebView Android Full support ≤37Chrome Android Full support 25Firefox Android Full support 26Opera Android Full support 14Safari iOS Full support 7Samsung Internet Android Full support 1.5


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