The Developer Toolbar provides a Graphical Command Line Interface (GCLI) to the Firefox developer tools and one click access to commonly used tools.

Activating the GCLI toolbar

To open the GCLI toolbar in Firefox 16 and later, choose the option Tools > Web Developer > Developer Toolbar, or press Shift-F2. The toolbar itself looks like this:


Примечание: If you have the Web Developer Toolbar by Chris Pederick, you will have two different "Web Developer" menu items.

The prompt for the command line is on the left, and on the right are buttons that open the Web Console and the Page Inspector.

Using the command line

The command line provides help on valid commands as you type, or you can type 'help' to see a list of commands.

Pressing F1 will make the pop-up help show straight away rather than waiting until it thinks you need help, and pressing ESC will make the pop-up help go away.

Extending the Command Line

It's easy to add commands to the command line, either using scratchpad or a mozcmd directory.

See instructions for extending the command line using:

  • A 'mozcmd' directory (requires some setup, commands are persistent)
  • The Scratchpad (requires very little setup, commands not persistent, but can be converted to be addons)

Also see:

Contributing to the Command Line

The Firefox command line is buit using the GCLI project, which has a significant section of documentation on GCLI and how it works. There is also documentation specific to integrating GCLI and Firefox on MDN.

See also

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