This element is used for holding a set of read-only views of Web documents. It is similar to the browser element, except that multiple documents can be displayed, each in a separate tab.

Примечание: Starting in Firefox 3 (XULRunner/Gecko 1.9), this is only used in the main Firefox window and cannot be used in other XUL windows by third-party applications or extensions.

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Тип: boolean
Установите значение атрибута на false, чтобы отключить автопрокрутку для браузера. Если значение этого атрибута true или отсутствует, автопрокрутка будет включена или в зависимости от пользовательских настроек general.autoScroll.


Type: nodelist of browser elements
Holds a list of the browser elements inside the tabbrowser.
Type: boolean
This read-only property is true if there is a page to go back to in the session history and the Back button should be enabled.
Type: boolean
This read-only property is true if there is a page to go forward to in the session history and the Forward button should be enabled.
Type: document
This read-only property contains the document object in the element.
Type: string
This read-only property contains the title of the document object in the browser.
Type: nsIContentViewerEdit
This read-only property contains the nsIContentViewerEdit which handles clipboard operations on the document.
Type: nsIContentViewerFile
Reference to the nsIContentViewerFile interface for the document.
Type: TODO
Use the contentWindow.wrappedJSObject to obtain a DOM(html) window object
Type: nsIURI
This read-only property contains the currently loaded URL. To change the URL, use the loadURI method.
Type: nsIDocShell
This read-only property contains the nsIDocShell object for the document.
documentCharsetInfo Obsolete since Gecko 12.0
Type: nsIDocumentCharsetInfo
This read-only property contains the nsIDocumentCharsetInfo object for the document which is used to handle which character set should be used to display the document. The properties of the nsIDocumentCharsetInfo object were merged into the docshell in Gecko 12.0 (Firefox 12.0 / Thunderbird 12.0 / SeaMonkey 2.9).
Type: string home page URL
This property holds the value of the user's home page setting.
Type: nsIMarkupDocumentViewer
This read-only property contains the nsIMarkupDocumentViewer which is responsible for drawing the document.
Type: nsISecureBrowserUI
The read-only property holds an object which may be used to determine the security level of the loaded document.
Type: browser element
This read-only property returns the currently displayed browser element.
Type: tab element
A reference to the currently selected tab, which will always be one of the tab elements in the tabs element. Assign a value to this property to modify the currently selected tab.
Type: nsISHistory
This read-only property contains the nsISHistory object which holds the session history.
Type: tabs element
Returns the tabs element that contains the tabs. This is useful for add-ons that need to use events related to tabs in the browser window.
Type: array
A NodeList containing the tab objects for each tab in the tabbrowser. This is a shortcut for looking at the tabs in the tabContainer.
Type: array
An array containing tab objects for each visible tab in the tabbrowser. This lets you determine which tabs are visible in the current tab set.
Type: nsIWebBrowserFind
This read-only property contains an nsIWebBrowserFind object which can be used to search for text in the document.
Type: nsIWebNavigation
This read-only property contains the nsIWebNavigation object for the document. Most of its methods are callable directly on the element itself, such as goBack and goForward. It also contains the load constants used by reloadWithFlags and loadURIWithFlags.
Type: nsIWebProgress
This read-only property contains an nsIWebProgress object which is used to monitor the progress of a document loading.


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