XPCOM is a cross platform component object model, similar to Microsoft COM. It has multiple language bindings, allowing XPCOM components to be used and implemented in JavaScript, Java, and Python in addition to C++. Interfaces in XPCOM are defined in a dialect of IDL called XPIDL.

XPCOM itself provides a set of core components and classes, e.g. file and memory management, threads, basic data structures (strings, arrays, variants), etc. The majority of XPCOM components are not part of this core set and are provided by other parts of the platform (e.g. Gecko or Necko) or by an application or even by an extension.

XPCOM reference
This reference describes the interfaces and functions provided by the XPCOM library. In addition, it details the various helper classes and functions, as well as the components, provided by the XPCOM glue library. The contents herein are oriented primarily toward extension developers and people embedding XPCOM in other projects.
Генерация GUID'ов
GUIDs are used in Mozilla programming for identifying several types of entities, including XPCOM Interfaces (this type of GUIDs is callled IID), components (CID), and legacy add-ons—like extensions and themes—that were created prior to Firefox 1.5. Add-ons can (and should) be identified with IDs of the form extensionname@organization.tld since Firefox 1.5.

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