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An overview of the MathML 3 elements/attributes - excluding deprecated ones - and the current status of the native support. References to MathML 3 are given. The sections are marked with their current status: supported, in progress, and not currently supported. Sections related to semantics/content MathML or irrelevant features are left blank or not listed at all. If only the main features of an element are implemented then its section is marked as supported but details of unsupported attributes are specified below.

The Top-Level math Element

See § 2.2.

Attribute Notes
display Implemented.
maxwidth, overflow Not implemented. See баг 534962.
altimg, altimg-width, altimg-height, altimg-valign, alttext Accepted, but do not have any effect on the rendering. MathML is always enabled since баг 660762.
cdgroup Accepted, but does not have any effect on the rendering.

Attributes Shared by all MathML Elements

See § 2.1.6 and § 3.1.10.

Attribute Notes
id, class, style Implemented.
xref Accepted, but does not have any effect on the rendering.
href Implemented.  The User Interface works correctly in Seamonkey but not in Firefox. See баг 958957.
mathcolor Implemented.
mathbackground Implemented.

Token Elements

Element [- attribute] Notes
mi Implemented. The mathvariant attribute is fully supported starting with (Firefox 28.0 / Thunderbird 28.0 / SeaMonkey 2.25). See баг 114365.
mn Implemented.
mo Implemented.
mo - linebreaking attributes, indentation attributes Not implemented. See баг 534962.
mtext Implemented.
mspace Implemented.
mspace - linebreak Not implemented. See баг 534962.
ms Implemented.

General Layout Schemata

Element Notes
mrow Implemented.
mfrac Implemented.
msqrt Implemented.
mroot Implemented.
mstyle Implemented. We are only interested in supporting attributes "inherited from the surrounding context", which are those effectively used in practice.  See bug 838509.
merror Implemented.
mpadded Implemented.
mphantom Implemented.
mfenced Implemented.
menclose Implemented.

Script and Limit Schemata

Element [- attribute] Notes
msub Implemented.
msup Implemented.
msubsup Implemented.
munder Implemented.
mover Implemented.
munderover Implemented.
mmultiscripts Implemented.

Tabular Math

Element [- attribute] Notes
mtable Implemented.
mtable - alignmentscope Not implemented. See баг 122253.
mtable - columnspacing, rowspacing, framespacing Implemented. See баг 330964.
mtable - columnwidth Not implemented. See баг 958953.
mtable - equalrows, equalcolumns Not implemented. See баг 958954.
mtable - side, minlabelspacing Not implemented. See баг 356870.
mtr Implemented.
mlabeledtr Not Implemented. See баг 689641.
mtd Implemented.
* - groupalign. Not implemented. See баг 122253.
maligngroup Not implemented. See баг 122253.
malignmark Not implemented. See баг 122253.

Elementary Math

Element [- attribute] Notes
mstack Not implemented. See баг 534967.
mlongdiv Not implemented. See баг 534967.
msgroup Not implemented. See баг 534967.
msrow Not implemented. See баг 534967.
mscarries Not implemented. See баг 534967.
mscarry Not implemented. See баг 534967.
msline Not implemented. See баг 534967.

Other elements

Element [- attribute] Notes
mglyph Not implemented. See баг 297465.
maction Implemented.
maction - tooltip Not implemented. See баг 544001.
semantics Implemented.

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