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Установить Firefox Developer EditionFirefox 50 был выпущен 15 ноября 2016 года.
В этой статье перечислены ключевые изменения, которые полезны не только для веб-разработчиков, но и для разработчиков Firefox и Gecko, а также для разработчиков приложений.

Изменения, для веб-разработчиков




Developer Tools

All devtools bugs fixed between Firefox 49 and Firefox 50.






  • The allowReorder attribute has been dropped and the behavior it was setting is now the default for SVG <switch> elements ({{ bug }}).
  • The defer keyword for the preserveAspectRatio attribute on SVG <image> elements has been removed to follow the latest SVG2 specification ({{ bug }}).

Drag and Drop API

  • The DataTransfer.items property has been implemented, allowing access to multiple items being dragged and dropped using the HTML Drag and Drop API. To allow this, the DataTransferItem and DataTransferItemList interfaces are now supported as well ({{ bug }}). This is enabled by default.
  • The old, obsolete Firefox specific drag and drop API events dragdrop and draggesture are no longer supported. Be sure to update any code still using them to use the HTML drag and drop API ({{ bug }}.

Pointer Lock API

  • The Pointer Lock API is now unprefixed ({{ bug }}).
  • Before Firefox 50, requestPointerLock() asked for permission using a doorhanger, and pointer lock would not be enabled until the user granted permission. From Firefox 50, pointer lock is like the fullscreen API: it's granted immediately, but a notification is displayed explaining to the user how to exit ({{ bug }}).


  • A close event is now sent to the IDBDatabase object when the corresponding database is unexpectedly closed ({{ bug }}).

Service Workers

  • The WindowClient.navigate() method has been implemented. This method lets you open a specified URL into a client window which is being controlled by the service worker ({{ bug }}).


  • The EXT_shader_texture_lod WebGL extension has been implemented ({{ bug }}).
  • The texImage methods have been updated for WebGL 2 to implement PBOs (PIXEL_UNPACK_BUFFER) ({{ bug }}).


Web Audio API


  • The AlignSetting enum (representing possible values for VTTCue.align) incorrectly previously included the value "middle" instead of "center". This has been corrected ({{ bug }}).
  • The non-standard and experimental method HTMLMediaElement.seekToNextFrame() now seeks to the next frame in the media asynchronously, rather than synchronously, and returns a Promise which resolves once the seek is complete.
  • The implementation of HTMLTrackElement has been corrected to allow <track> elements to load resources even if not in a document ({{ bug }}).

Battery API

Files and directories

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