Introduction to Firefox OS

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Firefox OS (также известная под рабочим названием "Boot to Gecko" или "B2G") является мобильной операционной системой с открытым исходным кодом, базирующейся на Linux и Gecko, от Mozilla. Идея проекта состоит в том, чтобы всё доступное программное обеспечение на мобильном устройстве запускалась как веб-приложение, используя новшества HTML5 и API устройства для прямого взаимодействия с аппаратными средствами посредством javascript.

For Web developers, the most important part to understand is that the entire user interface is a Web app, one that is capable of displaying and launching other Web apps. Any modifications you make to the user interface and any applications you create to run on Firefox OS are Web pages, albeit with enhanced access to the mobile device's hardware and services.

You can learn how to build and install Firefox OS by following our handy guide.

Usage tips

This section provides some tips that will help you actually use Firefox OS. This is something of a placeholder until we have real usage documentation. 

Unlocking the phone

If your build of Firefox OS starts up asking for a pass code to unlock the device, the default code is 0000. Some builds will do this while we develop and test the lock screen.

Capturing a screenshot

Currently there is no on-device support for screenshot capture. However, you can do it from the terminal on the Linux or Mac OS X computer that has a Firefox OS build system installed.

  1. Make sure you have ffmpeg installed.
    1. On Mac, if you use MacPorts, you can do this with sudo port install ffmpeg. For homebrew, do brew install ffmpeg.
    2. On Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), use sudo apt-get install ffmpeg.
  2. Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Navigate your phone into whatever situation you want to screenshot.
  4. cd into the B2G/gaia directory
  5. make screenshot
  6. You now have a screenshot called screenshot.png.

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