This module provides information about your extension and the environment it's running in.

It also provides messaging APIs enabling you to:


runtime.Port (en-US)

Represents one end of a connection between two specific contexts, which can be used to exchange messages.

runtime.MessageSender (en-US)

Contains information about the sender of a message or connection request.

runtime.PlatformOs (en-US)

Identifies the browser's operating system.

runtime.PlatformArch (en-US)

Identifies the browser's processor architecture.

runtime.PlatformInfo (en-US)

Contains information about the platform the browser is running on.

runtime.RequestUpdateCheckStatus (en-US)

Result of a call to runtime.requestUpdateCheck() (en-US).

runtime.OnInstalledReason (en-US)

The reason that the runtime.onInstalled (en-US) event is being dispatched.

runtime.OnRestartRequiredReason (en-US)

The reason that the runtime.onRestartRequired (en-US) event is being dispatched.


runtime.lastError (en-US)

This value is set when an asynchronous function has an error condition that it needs to report to its caller. (en-US)

The ID of the extension.


runtime.getBackgroundPage() (en-US)

Retrieves the Window object for the background page running inside the current extension.

runtime.openOptionsPage() (en-US)

Opens your extension's options page.


Gets the complete manifest.json file, serialized as an object.

runtime.getURL() (en-US)

Given a relative path from the manifest.json to a resource packaged with the extension, returns a fully-qualified URL.

runtime.setUninstallURL() (en-US)

Sets a URL to be visited when the extension is uninstalled.

runtime.reload() (en-US)

Reloads the extension.

runtime.requestUpdateCheck() (en-US)

Checks for updates to this extension.

runtime.connect() (en-US)

Establishes a connection from a content script to the main extension process, or from one extension to a different extension.

runtime.connectNative() (en-US)

Connects the extension to a native application on the user's computer.

runtime.sendMessage() (en-US)

Sends a single message to event listeners within your extension or a different extension. Similar to runtime.connect (en-US) but only sends a single message, with an optional response.

runtime.sendNativeMessage() (en-US)

Sends a single message from an extension to a native application.

runtime.getPlatformInfo() (en-US)

Returns information about the current platform.

runtime.getBrowserInfo() (en-US)

Returns information about the browser in which this extension is installed.

runtime.getPackageDirectoryEntry() (en-US)

Returns a DirectoryEntry for the package directory.


runtime.onStartup (en-US)

Fired when a profile that has this extension installed first starts up. This event is not fired when an incognito profile is started.

runtime.onInstalled (en-US)

Fired when the extension is first installed, when the extension is updated to a new version, and when the browser is updated to a new version.

runtime.onSuspend (en-US)

Sent to the event page just before the extension is unloaded. This gives the extension an opportunity to do some cleanup.

runtime.onSuspendCanceled (en-US)

Sent after runtime.onSuspend (en-US) to indicate that the extension won't be unloaded after all.

runtime.onUpdateAvailable (en-US)

Fired when an update is available, but isn't installed immediately because the extension is currently running.

runtime.onBrowserUpdateAvailable (en-US) Устарело

Fired when an update for the browser is available, but isn't installed immediately because a browser restart is required.

runtime.onConnect (en-US)

Fired when a connection is made with either an extension process or a content script.

runtime.onConnectExternal (en-US)

Fired when a connection is made with another extension.

runtime.onMessage (en-US)

Fired when a message is sent from either an extension process or a content script.

runtime.onMessageExternal (en-US)

Fired when a message is sent from another extension. Cannot be used in a content script.

runtime.onRestartRequired (en-US)

Fired when the device needs to be restarted.

Browser compatibility

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Example extensions

Примечание: Это API основано на API Chromium chrome.runtime. Эта документация основана на runtime.json из кода Chromium.

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