AMO Policies

Mozilla стремится обеспечить отличный опыт для наших пользователей и разработчиков надстроек. Перед отправкой своего дополнения ознакомьтесь с приведенными ниже правилами.

Пакт о разработке
Effective January 5, 2016
Обзор процесса
Add-ons extend the core capabilities of Firefox, allowing users to modify and personalize their Web experience. A healthy add-on ecosystem, built on trust, is vital for developers to be successful and users to feel safe making Firefox their own. For these reasons, Mozilla requires all add-ons to comply with the following set of policies on acceptable practices. The below is not intended to serve as legal advice, nor is it intended to serve as a comprehensive list of terms to include in your add-on’s privacy policy.
Избранные дополнения
How up-and-coming add-ons become featured and what's involved in the process.
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Add-ons allow developers to extend and modify the functionality of Firefox.

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