What is Marionette?

Marionette is an automation driver.  It can remotely drive either the UI or the internal JS of a program built on the Gecko platform. Marionette runs as a server on your test machine, allowing you to connect to that server and remotely drive tests and send commands. Its goal is to replicate what selenium does for the browser: to enable the tester the ability to send commands to a remote test machine.

Marionette shares much of the same API as Selenium/WebDriver, and makes writing tests easy. You have the API to drive user actions like page navigation and element clicking, but also the ability to run pure JS scripts, allowing for a greater variety of tests.

When would I use it?

If you want to mimic user interaction with chrome or content, Marionette is the tool you're looking for, but it is also capable of doing much more! Marionette lives in both the chrome and content space of a gecko process, so it is capable of running commands in any of these spaces.

This means you can run any JS script in chrome or in content. This is a powerful feature, enabling a user to do anything from inspecting the content DOM of a Firefox instance running in a remote machine to executing a script that changes profile preferences in privileged chrome space.

Supported environments

Right now, we support the Boot2Gecko and Desktop Firefox environment. Drop us a line at the #ateam IRC channel if you are interested in using Marionette in a different environment!

Using Marionette

Marionette является комбинацией gecko-компонента (Marionette-сервер)
с Python-компонентом (Marionette-клиент), который управляет тестами.
Чтобы использовать Marionette, необходимо включить Marionette в gecko,
 а затем загрузить Marionette-клиент или использовать клиент в mozilla-central tree.


Please file any bugs you may find!

You can view a list of current bugs to see if your problem is already being addressed.


Feel free to drop us a line over at the #ateam channel!

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