MDN community conversations

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"Работа" MDN происходит на её сайте, но "сообщество" также общается через (асинхронные) дискуссии и (синхронные) чаты и встречи.

Дискуссии и обмен информацией.

Для того, чтобы делиться информацией и вести дискусиию, MDN имеет категорию ("MDN") на форуме Mozilla. Use this category for all topics related to MDN, including documentation content creation, translation, and maintenance; MDN platform development; and planning, goal-setting, and progress tracking.

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Архов записей

Prior to June 2017, MDN-related discussions took place in mailings lists that were gatewayed and archived with Google groups. If you want to search these past discussions, you can look at the Google groups corresponding to the old mailing lists. (Yes, we know these names are overlapping and confusing. Historical accident. Sorry about that.) a.k.a. dev-mdc
Данный список предназначался для обсуждения документации. a.k.a. dev-mdn
Этот списко посвещался базовой разработке платформы MDN Kuma.
mozilla.mdn a.k.a. mdn@
This forum was for high-level planning and prioritization discussions, for the MDN website and other related initiatives.

Чат в IRC

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) это предпочитаемый метод общения или дискусии в реальном времени. Мы исплользуем несколько каналов на сервере для обсуждения MDN.

This channel is our primary channel for discussing the content of MDN. We talk about writing, organization of content, and so on. We also have "water cooler" conversations here—it's a way our community can keep in touch and just hang out. This is also the place to talk about other aspects of MDN (other than development of the platform), such as Demo Studio, profiles, and so on.
This channel is where our development team—the people that write the code that makes MDN work—hangs out and discusses their day-to-day work. You're welcome to join in and either participate in the development or simply ask questions about issues you see with the software.

Скорее всего, эти каналы более активны в будние дни по Серверной Америке.

You may want to learn more about IRC and use an installable IRC client such as ChatZilla. It is implemented as a Firefox add-on, which makes it quick and easy to install and use. If you're not familiar with IRC, an easy way to join is using a web-based IRC client such as Mibbit. Here are the direct links to the #mdn and #mdndev channels on Mibbit.

Присоеденяйся к нашим встречам (и другим событиям)

The MDN team holds a number of regular meetings that are open to the MDN community. See the MDN Meetings page on the Mozilla wiki for details on the schedule, agendas and notes, and info on how to join.

See the MDN Events calendar for these and other meetings, local meetups, and other events. The recurring meetings are summarized on the MDN Meetings wiki page.

If you see a meeting which takes place in the "mdn" channel on our Vidyo videoconferencing system, you can join the conversation on the web.