XForms Secret Element

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Used for inputting passwords or other sensitive text. Each character typed by the user is represented by an asterisk on the screen (see the spec).


  • UI Common
    • appearance - isn't supported.
    • accesskey - used to specify the keyboard shortcut for focusing this control.
  • Single-Node Binding
  • Special
    • inputmode - isn't supported.
    • incremental - supported. The default value is false.

Type restrictions

The secret element can be bound to a node containing simple content of any data type except xsd:base64Binary, xsd:hexBinray or any data type derived from these.


The XForms secret element is represented by a password field. The password field is a text field, the value of which is hidden by asterisks (xhtml/xul).


  • analogous widgets are <xhtml:input type="password"/> and <xul:textbox type="password"/>
  • if the incremental attribute is present and has the value true, then the bound instance node is updated on every user input. Please keep in mind that the instance data will hold exactly what the user gave as input. Any other XForm control bound to that data will show that data 'as is'.