eDiary 2013

E-Diary book for the year 2013

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, IndexedDB, CSS3, Offline Support,

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Store and view your personal information in browser offline.

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  1. DjJohn сказал,

    Ciekawy pomysł i fajne rozwiązanie, choć już dość dawno spotkałem się z podobnym projektem w HTML5
    1. raju_dasa сказал,

      Dziękuję, można udostępnić link do tej strony. (google translate używany)
  2. shafiul сказал,

    Great app! I'd recommend adding a calendar UI instead of the drop-down to go to a date. And maybe some keyboard shortcuts. Finally, making it available for mobile :)
    1. raju_dasa сказал,

      Thanks Shafiul for your suggestion. Its a normal version we can extend it whatever way we like and i dont see standard support of IndexedDB in mobiles.

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