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Firefox 50, based on Gecko 50, will ship in November 2016. This article provides information about the changes in this release that will affect developers. Nightly builds of what will become Firefox 50 are currently available on the Beta channel. Some experimental features whose release dates are uncertain or undecided are discussed on the page Experimental features in Firefox. Some features described there may be available in Firefox 50.

Items listed here are tentatively slated for Firefox 50; however, they may be held for a future release if testing shows they're not ready by the time Firefox 50 is due to ship. Please keep an eye on this page to stay up to date on the plans for Firefox 50.

Изменения, для веб-разработчиков




Developer Tools

All devtools bugs fixed between Firefox 49 and Firefox 50.






Drag and Drop API

Pointer Lock API


Service Workers



Web Audio API


  • The AlignSetting enum (representing possible values for VTTCue.align) incorrectly previously included the value "middle" instead of "center". This has been corrected (баг 1276130).
  • The non-standard and experimental method HTMLMediaElement.seekToNextFrame() now seeks to the next frame in the media asynchronously, rather than synchronously, and returns a Promise which resolves once the seek is complete.
  • The implementation of HTMLTrackElement has been corrected to allow <track> elements to load resources even if not in a document (баг 871747).

Battery API

Files and directories

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