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Эта статья описывает как разработчик дополнения может временно установить дополнение в Firefox для тестирования и отладки. Это расширение будеть оставаться установленным пока вы не перезагрузите Firefox. Вы можете использовать этот метод с любым перезапускаемыми дополнениями, включая bootstrapped extensions и Add-on SDK add-ons.

Note that this is not how end users should install add-ons in Firefox. End users will install add-ons by downloading and opening packaged add-ons that have been signed by Mozilla. To learn how an extension developer can get an add-on packaged and signed, see Publishing your extension.

To install an extension temporarily:

  • open Firefox
  • enter "about:debugging" in the URL bar
  • click "Load Temporary Add-on"
  • open the extension's directory and select any file inside the extension.

The extension will be installed, and will stay installed until you restart Firefox.

Reloading a temporary extension

Starting in Firefox 48, there's a new button labeled "Reload" next to the extension's entry in about:debugging:

This does what it says:

Note that in Firefox 48 only, "Reload" does not update the extension's name and description that are displayed in about:debugging and about:addons. This is fixed in Firefox 49.

Using the command line

If you are already using the command line for development, check out the Webos -ext tool. It automates the temporary installation step and automatically reloads your extension when its source code changes.

Detecting temporary installation

Your extension can detect whether it was installed from about:debugging rather than as a built and signed extension downloaded from addons.mozilla.org. Listen for the runtime.onInstalled event, and check the value of details.temporary.

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