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Cuvantul cheie static defineste o metoda statica a unei clase.


static methodName() { ... }


Invocarile metodei static sunt facute direct asupra unei clase si nu sunt invocate asupra unei instante a clasei. Metodele static sunt deobicei folosite in a crea functii utilitare.

Invocarea metodei static


Din alte metode statice

Pentru a putea invoca o metoda static intr-o alta metoda static a aceleasi clase se va folosi this.

class StaticMethodCall {
  static staticMethod() {
    return 'Static method has been called';
  static anotherStaticMethod() {
    return this.staticMethod() + ' from another static method';
// 'Static method has been called'

// 'Static method has been called from another static method'

Din constructor si alte metode

Metodele static nu sunt direct accesibile folosind this din metode non-static. Este nevoie sa se foloseasca clasa: CLASSNAME.STATIC_METHOD_NAME() sau prin invocarea metodei ca si propietate a constructorului this.constructor.STATIC_METHOD_NAME().

class StaticMethodCall {
  constructor() {
    // 'static method has been called.' 

    // 'static method has been called.' 

  static staticMethod() {
    return 'static method has been called.';


Urmatorul exemplu demonstreaza cateva lucruri:

  1. Cum metoda static e implementata asupra unei clase.
  2. O clasa cu un membru static poate fi o sub-clasa.
  3. Cum o metoda static poate sau nu poate fi invocata.
class Triple {
  static triple(n) {
    if (n === undefined) {
      n = 1;
    return n * 3;

class BiggerTriple extends Triple {
  static triple(n) {
    return super.triple(n) * super.triple(n);

console.log(Triple.triple());        // 3
console.log(Triple.triple(6));       // 18

var tp = new Triple();

// 81 (not affected by parent's instantiation)

// 'tp.triple is not a function'.


Specification Status Comment
ECMAScript 2015 (6th Edition, ECMA-262)
The definition of 'Class definitions' in that specification.
Standard Initial definition.
ECMAScript Latest Draft (ECMA-262)
The definition of 'Class definitions' in that specification.

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