Pete's Adventure

A short, interactive story.

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, Audio, Drag and Drop,

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This is a (very) short story about someone named Pete. And Pete needs a little bit of your help.

Of course I hope you figure out yourself what to do. But maybe it is not always obvious enough. So here is a little walkthrough:

0: Start screen.
1: Drag'n'Drop a file (size matters) on that green lump of slime.
2: See the note in the slimy remains? Drag'n'Drop it on Pete.
3: Drag'n'Drop an image file on the checkered part of the shirt.
4. End.

Works in Firefox 18, Chrome 24, Opera 12.12.

(Images and audio all by me, no 3rd party involved.)

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  1. tuxie said,

    Loved it! Throwing a file on the monster was my favourite xD
  2. bitrayne said,

    Excellent! Very creative :)

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