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Built using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Fișiere

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Have been producing an open source web IDE for around a year now as a smart new way to produce websites, directly in the browser. I find it saves about 10-15% of my dev time now as I don't need many desktop programs to build websites, pretty much just the web browser by itself these days. Because I build online, I can do this from anywhere and find it saves on deploy time too, as I build on dev servers only. The project is starting to grow in popularity and I'm aiming to push forward as a new era of website coding. Full details along with a promo video can be found at

So, what about fullscreen? In order to give a more emersive experience, you can do away with the browser chrome by clicking the full screen/restore screen icon in the top corner near the logo. Going fullscreen makes it feel like a much more native program so you can concentrate on the code.

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  1. erik said,

    It's good. But you need to improve the User Interface a lot.
  2. mattpass said,

    Thanks. Would be happy to hear your thoughts on UI improvements as always looking to improve.

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