Publicar a sua extensão


Packaged extensions in Firefox are called "XPI files", which are ZIP files with a different extension.

You don't have to use the XPI extension when uploading to AMO.


During development, your extension will consist of a directory containing a manifest.json file and the other files it needs—scripts, icons, HTML documents, and so on. You need to zip these into a single file for uploading to AMO.

If you're using web-ext, use web-ext build to package your extension. Otherwise, follow the instructions below for your chosen operating system.

Dica: The ZIP file must be a ZIP of the extension's files themselves, not of the directory containing them.


  1. Abra a pasta com os seus ficheiros da extensão.
  2. Selecione todos os ficheiros.
  3. Clique direito e escolha "Enviar para" → Pasta Comprimida (zipped).

Mac OS X

  1. Open the folder with your extension's files.
  2. Select all of the files.
  3. Right click and choose Compress n Items.

Linux / Mac OS X Terminal

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Open the directory containing your extension's files,  using the command
    cd path/to/my-extension/
  3. ZIP the content of the directory, using the command
    zip -r -FS ../ *