As soon as you publish a new web app, you want the world to know about it. Search engines do ok, but often more control is desired over how your apps are exposed in search results. The new W3C Manifest for a web application can help with this, along with other available features.

Objetivos eventuais para as aplicações da Web :

  • To have better representation in search engines
  • To be easier to expose, catalog and rank
  • To have metadata useable by browsers to give them special capabilities

Guias principais

None written as yet; contributions appreciated.


Tecnologia Descrição Resumo de suporte Especificações mais recentes
Web app manifest Defines features of an app such as name, icon, splash screen, and theme colors, for use in contexts such as app listings and device home screens. Experimental, Supported in Chrome, limited support in Firefox (more detail) Web App Manifest


Add links to useful tools/libraries.

Consulte também

Open Graph
A defacto standard providing a format for specifying similar metadata in the HTML <head> using meta tags. Supported by Facebook and other properties.