Depurar Firefox para Android (Wi-Fi)

This article describes how to connect the Firefox Developer Tools to Firefox for Android over WiFi. Although it's been possible to connect the tools to Firefox for Android over USB for some time, connecting over WiFi is more convenient and reliable than the USB method.


You will need:

  • Firefox Desktop 42 or later
  • an Android device running Firefox for Android 42 or later

If you need to use older versions of Firefox Desktop or Firefox for Android, see the guide to debugging Firefox for Android over USB.

On the Android device:

  1. Install the Barcode Scanner Android app by ZXing Team
  2. Open Firefox for Android
  3. Go to Options -> "Settings" -> "Advanced"
  4. Enable "Remote debugging via Wi-Fi" in the "Developer Tools" section


In Firefox Desktop

Open WebIDE. Click "Refresh Devices" in the upper right corner.

Your Firefox for Android device should show up in the “WiFi Devices”.

Select the device. WebIDE will display a QR code:

No dispositivo Android

A connection prompt will appear on the device. Choose “Scan” or “Scan and Remember”. Scan the QR code displayed in WebIDE, using the Barcode Scanner app.

After scanning the QR code, the QR display should disappear and the “device” icon in WebIDE will turn blue for “connected”.

You can then access all of your remote browser tabs, and connect the developer tools to them.

Resolução de problemas

If you're having trouble getting this to work, check the Troubleshooting page for things to double check and support forums you can contact.