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Abrir as ferramentas de 'Desempenho'

Para abrir as ferramentas de 'Desempenho':

  • press Shift + F5
  • select "Performance" from the Web Developer submenu in the Firefox Menu (or Tools menu if you display the menu bar or are on OS X)
  • select "Performance" from Tools button, in the Toolbar, if you have one:

Gravar um perfil

To start a new recording, press the stopwatch icon in the Recordings pane. To stop, press it again:

You can also start and stop recording from the Web Console, using console.profile() and console.profileEnd().

Guardar um perfil

To save a profile, click the link labeled "Save" in the Recordings pane:

Carregar um perfil

To load a profile, click "Import..." and choose the file:

Limpar todos os perfis carregados

To clear all loaded profiles, click "Clear".

If you do this, you'll lose any loaded profiles that you have not saved.

Selecionar uma ferramenta

To switch between the Waterfall, Call Tree, and Flame Chart tools, use the buttons in the toolbar:

Configurar marcadores exibidos

To control which markers are shown in the Waterfall, use the button in the toolbar:

Zoom +

To zoom into a slice of the recording, select that slice in the recording overview: