Atalhos de Teclado

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Command Windows macOS Linux
Open the Debugger Ctrl + Shift + S Cmd + Opt + S Ctrl + Shift + S
Search for a string in the current file Ctrl + F Cmd + F Ctrl + F
Find next in the current file Ctrl + G Cmd + G Ctrl + G
Search for scripts by name Ctrl + P Cmd + P Ctrl + P
Resume execution when at a breakpoint F8 F8 1 F8
Step over F10 F10 1 F10
Step into F11 F11 1 F11
Step out Shift + F11 Shift + F11 1 Shift + F11

1. By default, on some Macs, the function key is remapped to use a special feature: for example, to change the screen brightness or the volume. See this guide to using these keys as standard function keys. To use a remapped key as a standard function key, hold the Function key down as well (so to open the Profiler, use Shift + Function + F5).

Atalhos globais

These shortcuts work in all tools that are hosted in the toolbox.

Command Windows macOS Linux
Increase font size Ctrl + + Cmd + + Ctrl + +
Decrease font size Ctrl + - Cmd + - Ctrl + -
Reset font size Ctrl + 0 Cmd + 0 Ctrl + 0