ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
Alarm Yes No4548 Yes
clear Yes No4548 Yes
clearAll Yes No4548 Yes
create Yes No4548 Yes
get Yes No4548 Yes
getAll Yes No4548 Yes
onAlarm Yes No4548 Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
BookmarkTreeNode Yes No45 No Yes
BookmarkTreeNode.type No No57 No No
BookmarkTreeNodeType No No57 No No
BookmarkTreeNodeUnmodifiable Yes No45 No Yes
CreateDetails Yes No45 No Yes
CreateDetails.type No No57 No No
create Yes1545 No Yes
get Yes No45 No Yes
getChildren Yes No45 No Yes
getRecent Yes No47 No Yes
getSubTree Yes No45 No Yes
getTree Yes1545 No Yes
move Yes1545 No Yes
onChanged Yes No52 No Yes
onChildrenReordered Yes No No No Yes
onCreated Yes No52 No Yes
onImportBegan Yes No No No Yes
onImportEnded Yes No No No Yes
onMoved Yes No52 No Yes
onRemoved Yes No52 No Yes
remove Yes1545 No Yes
removeTree Yes1547 No Yes
search Yes No47 No Yes
update Yes1545 No Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
ColorArray Yes Yes45 No Yes
ImageDataType Yes Yes45 No Yes
disable Yes Yes45 No Yes
enable Yes Yes45 No Yes
getBadgeBackgroundColor Yes Yes45 No Yes
getBadgeText Yes Yes45 No Yes
getPopup Yes No4557 Yes
getTitle Yes154555 Yes
isEnabled No No59 No No
onClicked Yes Yes4555 Yes
openPopup No No57 No No
setBadgeBackgroundColor Yes Yes45 No Yes
setBadgeBackgroundColor: The color property of the details parameter can be set to a string. Yes No Yes * No ?
setBadgeBackgroundColor: The color property of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No
setBadgeText Yes Yes45 * No Yes
setBadgeText: The text property of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No
setIcon Yes * Yes45 No15
setIcon.imageData23 No45 No15
setIcon: The path and imageData properties of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No
setPopup Yes Yes4557 Yes
setPopup: The popup property of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No
setTitle Yes154555 Yes
setTitle: The title property of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
allowPopupsForUserEvents No No5757 No
cacheEnabled No No5656 No
contextMenuShowEvent No No5959 No
homepageOverride No No5757 No
imageAnimationBehavior No No5757 No
newTabPageOverride No No5757 No
openBookmarksInNewTabs No No5959 No
openSearchResultsInNewTabs No No5959 No
proxyConfig No No5959 No
webNotificationsDisabled No No5858 No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
DataTypeSet.cache Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.cookies Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.downloads Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.fileSystems Yes No No No Yes
DataTypeSet.formData Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.history Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.indexedDB Yes No No No Yes
DataTypeSet.localStorage Yes No5757 Yes
DataTypeSet.passwords Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.pluginData Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.serverBoundCertificates Yes No No No Yes
DataTypeSet.serviceWorkers Yes No5356 Yes
RemovalOptions.hostnames No No5656 No
RemovalOptions.originTypes Yes No No No Yes
RemovalOptions.since Yes No53 *56 * Yes
remove Yes No53 *57 * Yes
removeCache Yes No53 *57 * Yes
removeCookies Yes No5356 Yes
removeDownloads Yes No5357 Yes
removeFormData Yes No5357 Yes
removeHistory Yes No53 * No Yes
removeLocalStorage Yes No57 *57 * Yes
removePasswords Yes No53 No Yes
removePluginData Yes No53 No Yes
settings Yes No5356 Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
setImageData No No5757 No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
Command Yes No48 No Yes
getAll Yes No48 No Yes
onCommand Yes No48 No Yes
reset No No60 No No
update No No60 No No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
RegisteredContentScript No No5959 No
RegisteredContentScript.unregister No No5959 No
register No No5959 No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
ContextualIdentity.cookieStoreId No No5353 No
ContextualIdentity.color No No5353 No
ContextualIdentity.colorCode No No5757 No
ContextualIdentity.icon No No5353 No
ContextualIdentity.iconUrl No No5757 No No No5353 No
create No No53 *53 * No
get No No53 *53 * No
onCreated No No5757 No
onRemoved No No5757 No
onUpdated No No5757 No
query No No53 *53 * No
remove No No53 *53 * No
update No No53 *53 * No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
Cookie Yes Yes4548 Yes
Cookie.firstPartyDomain No No5959 No
CookieStore Yes Yes4548 Yes
OnChangedCause Yes No4548 Yes
get Yes Yes45 *48 Yes
get.firstPartyDomain No No5959 No
getAll Yes Yes *45 *48 Yes
getAll.firstPartyDomain No No5959 No
getAllCookieStores Yes Yes *45 *48 Yes
onChanged Yes No4548 Yes
remove Yes Yes45 *48 * Yes
remove.firstPartyDomain No No5959 No
set Yes Yes45 *48 * Yes
set.firstPartyDomain No No5959 No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
inspectedWindow.eval Yes No54 No Yes
inspectedWindow.reload Yes No54 No Yes
inspectedWindow.tabId Yes No54 No Yes
network.getHAR Yes No60 No Yes
network.onNavigated Yes No54 No Yes
network.onRequestFinished Yes No60 No Yes
panels.create Yes No54 No Yes
panels.elements Yes No56 No Yes
panels.onThemeChanged No No55 No No
panels.themeName54 No55 No41


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
BooleanDelta Yes No4748 Yes
DangerType Yes No4748 Yes
DoubleDelta Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.byExtensionId Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.byExtensionName Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.bytesReceived Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.canResume Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.danger Yes No No * No * Yes
DownloadItem.endTime Yes No No No Yes
DownloadItem.error Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.estimatedEndTime Yes No5757 Yes
DownloadItem.exists Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.filename Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.fileSize Yes No4748 Yes Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.incognito Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.mime Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.paused Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.referrer Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.startTime Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.state Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.totalBytes Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadItem.url Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadQuery Yes No4748 Yes
DownloadTime Yes No4748 Yes
FilenameConflictAction Yes No4748 Yes
FilenameConflictAction.prompt Yes No No No Yes
InterruptReason Yes No4748 Yes
State Yes No4748 Yes
StringDelta Yes No4748 Yes
acceptDanger Yes No No No Yes
cancel Yes No4848 Yes
download Yes No4748 Yes
download.body Yes No5252 Yes
download.conflictAction Yes No4748 Yes
download.filename Yes No4748 Yes
download.headers Yes No4748 Yes
download.incognito No No5757 No
download.method Yes No47 *48 * Yes
download.saveAs Yes No52 *52 * Yes
drag Yes No No No Yes
erase Yes No4848 Yes
getFileIcon Yes No48 No Yes
onChanged Yes No4748 Yes
onCreated Yes No4848 Yes
onErased Yes No4848 Yes
open Yes No4848 Yes
pause Yes No4848 Yes
removeFile Yes No4848 Yes
resume Yes No4848 Yes
search Yes No4748 Yes
setShelfEnabled Yes No No No Yes
show Yes No4848 Yes
showDefaultFolder Yes No4848 Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
Event Yes Yes No No Yes
Rule Yes Yes No No Yes
UrlFilter Yes Yes5050 Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
ViewType Yes No4548 Yes
getBackgroundPage Yes Yes4548 Yes
getExtensionTabs Yes No No No No
getURL Yes Yes4548 Yes
getViews Yes Yes45 *48 * Yes
inIncognitoContext Yes No4548 Yes
isAllowedFileSchemeAccess Yes No4848 Yes
isAllowedIncognitoAccess Yes No4848 Yes
lastError Yes No4748 Yes
onRequest Yes No No No Yes
onRequestExternal Yes No No No Yes
sendRequest Yes No No No No
setUpdateUrlData Yes No No No Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
ImageDetails Yes * Yes *4548 Yes *
ImageFormat Yes * Yes *4548 Yes *
RunAt20 * No454815 *
CSSOrigin No No5353 No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
find No No57 No No
highlightResults No No57 No No
removeHighlighting No No57 No No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
HistoryItem Yes No49 No Yes
HistoryItem.typedCount Yes No No No Yes
TransitionType Yes No50 No Yes
VisitItem Yes No50 No Yes
addUrl Yes No49 No Yes
addUrl.title No No49 No No
addUrl.transition No No49 No No
addUrl.visitTime No No49 No No
deleteAll Yes No49 No Yes
deleteRange Yes No49 No Yes
deleteUrl Yes No49 No Yes
getVisits Yes No50 No Yes
onTitleChanged No No55 No No
onVisitRemoved Yes No50 No Yes
onVisited Yes No50 * No Yes
search Yes No49 No Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
LanguageCode47 Yes454834
detectLanguage47 No474834
getAcceptLanguages47 Yes474834
getMessage17 Yes *45 *4815
getUILanguage35 Yes4748 Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
getRedirectURL Yes No53 No No
launchWebAuthFlow Yes No53 No Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
IdleState Yes No4548 Yes
onStateChanged Yes No5151 Yes
onStateChanged.locked Yes No No No Yes
queryState Yes1545 *48 * Yes
queryState.locked Yes No No No Yes
setDetectionInterval Yes155151 Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
ExtensionInfo Yes No5151 Yes
ExtensionInfo.disabledReason Yes No No No Yes
ExtensionInfo.offlineEnabled Yes No No No Yes
ExtensionInfo.type Yes No5555 Yes
ExtensionInfo.versionName Yes No No No Yes
get Yes No5656 Yes
getAll Yes No55 *55 * Yes
getPermissionWarningsById Yes No No No Yes
getPermissionWarningsByManifest Yes No No No Yes
getSelf Yes No5151 No
onDisabled Yes No No No Yes
onEnabled Yes No No No Yes
onInstalled Yes No No No Yes
onUninstalled Yes No No No Yes
setEnabled Yes No55 *55 * Yes
uninstall Yes No No No Yes
uninstallSelf Yes No5151 Yes
uninstallSelf.dialogMessage No No5151 No
ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera


48 *

No Yes *
ContextType Yes * Yes *

55 *

48 *

No Yes *
ContextType.bookmark No No59 No No
ContextType.browser_action Yes Yes53 * No Yes
ContextType.launcher Yes No48 No Yes
ContextType.page_action Yes Yes53 No Yes
ContextType.password No No53 No No No No53 No No
ContextType.tools_menu No No56 * No No
ItemType Yes * Yes *


48 *

No Yes *
OnClickData Yes * Yes *


48 *

No Yes *
OnClickData.bookmarkId No No59 No No
OnClickData.frameId35 * ?55 No Yes *
OnClickData.linkText No No56 No No
OnClickData.modifiers No No54 No No
create Yes * Yes *


48 *

No Yes *
create.command No No55 No No
create.icons No No56 No No
onClicked Yes * Yes *


48 *

No Yes *
onHidden No No


60 *

No No
onShown No No


60 *

No No
refresh No No


60 *

No No
remove Yes * Yes *


48 *

No Yes *
removeAll Yes * Yes *


48 *

No Yes *
update Yes * Yes *


48 *

No Yes *


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
NotificationOptions Yes No45 *48 * Yes
TemplateType Yes No45 *48 * Yes *
clear Yes No4548 Yes
create Yes No4548 Yes
getAll Yes No4548 Yes
onButtonClicked Yes No No No Yes
onClicked Yes No4748 Yes
onClosed Yes No4548 Yes
onClosed.byUser Yes No No No Yes
onShown No No5656 No
update Yes No No No Yes *


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
OnInputEnteredDisposition Yes No52 No Yes
SuggestResult Yes No52 * No Yes
onInputCancelled Yes No52 No Yes
onInputChanged Yes No52 No Yes
onInputEntered Yes No52 No Yes
onInputStarted Yes No52 No Yes
setDefaultSuggestion Yes No52 * No Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
ImageDataType Yes No45 No Yes
getPopup Yes Yes4550 * Yes
getTitle Yes Yes45 No Yes
hide Yes Yes4550 * Yes
isShown No No59 No No
onClicked Yes Yes4550 Yes
openPopup No No57 No No
setIcon Yes * Yes45 No15
setIcon.imageData23 No45 No15
setIcon: The path and imageData properties of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No
setPopup Yes Yes4550 * Yes
setPopup: The popup property of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No
setTitle Yes Yes45 No Yes
setTitle: The title property of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No
show Yes Yes4550 * Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
contains Yes No5555 Yes
getAll Yes No5555 Yes
onAdded Yes No No No Yes
onRemoved Yes No No No Yes
Permissions Yes No5555 Yes
remove Yes No5555 Yes
request Yes No55 *55 * Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
getModuleSlots No No58 No No
installModule No No58 No No
isModuleInstalled No No58 No No
uninstallModule No No58 No No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
network.networkPredictionEnabled Yes No5454 Yes
network.peerConnectionEnabled No No5555 No
network.webRTCIPHandlingPolicy Yes No5454 Yes
services.passwordSavingEnabled Yes No5656 Yes
websites.cookieConfig No No5959 No
websites.firstPartyIsolate No No5858 No
websites.hyperlinkAuditingEnabled Yes No5454 Yes
websites.protectedContentEnabled Yes No No No Yes
websites.referrersEnabled Yes No5656 Yes
websites.resistFingerprinting No No5858 No
websites.thirdPartyCookiesAllowed Yes No No No Yes
websites.trackingProtectionMode No No5757 No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
onProxyError No No5555 No
register No No


55 *

55 No
unregister No No5656 No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
MessageSender26 Yes45 *48 *15
MessageSender.url28 Yes *454815
MessageSender.tlsChannelId32 No454819
MessageSender.frameId41 Yes454828
OnInstalledReason Yes * Yes *4548 Yes *
OnRestartRequiredReason Yes No4548 Yes
PlatformArch Yes No4548 Yes
PlatformInfo Yes No4548 Yes
PlatformInfo.nacl_arch Yes No No No Yes
PlatformNaclArch Yes No4548 Yes
PlatformOs Yes No4548 Yes
Port.error No No5252 No
RequestUpdateCheckStatus Yes No No No Yes
connect26 Yes454815
connectNative291550 No16
getBackgroundPage22 Yes45 *48 *15
getBrowserInfo No No5151 No
getManifest22 Yes454815
getPackageDirectoryEntry29 No No No16
getPlatformInfo29 No454816
getURL22 Yes454815
id22 Yes454815
lastError Yes * Yes4748 Yes *
onBrowserUpdateAvailable27 No No No15
onConnect26 Yes454815
onConnectExternal26 No545415
onInstalled22 Yes52 *52 *15
onMessage26 Yes454815
onMessageExternal26 No545415
onRestartRequired29 No No No16
onStartup23 No525215
onSuspend22 No No No15
onSuspendCanceled22 No No No15
onUpdateAvailable25 No515115
openOptionsPage42 No485729
requestUpdateCheck25 No No No15
sendMessage26 Yes *454815
sendNativeMessage291550 No16


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
Filter Yes No52 No Yes
Session Yes No52 * No Yes
forgetClosedTab No No55 No No
forgetClosedWindow No No55 No No
getRecentlyClosed Yes No52 No Yes
getTabValue No No57 No No
getWindowValue No No57 No No
onChanged Yes No53 No Yes
removeTabValue No No57 No No
removeWindowValue No No57 No No
restore Yes No52 No Yes
setTabValue No No57 No No
setWindowValue No No57 No No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
ImageDataType No No54 No Yes
close No No57 No No
getPanel No No54 No Yes
getTitle No No54 No Yes
isOpen No No59 No No
open No No57 No No
setIcon No No54 No Yes
setIcon: The path and imageData properties of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No
setPanel No No54 No Yes
setPanel: The panel property of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No
setTitle No No54 No Yes
setTitle: The title property of the details parameter can be set to null. No No59 No No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
StorageArea Yes Yes4548 Yes
StorageArea.clear Yes Yes454833
StorageArea.get Yes Yes454833
StorageArea.getBytesInUse Yes Yes No No33
StorageArea.remove Yes Yes454833
StorageArea.set Yes Yes *454833
StorageChange Yes Yes4548 Yes
local Yes Yes45 *48 Yes
managed Yes No57 * No No
onChanged Yes Yes4548 Yes
sync Yes1553 No No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
MutedInfo Yes No47 No Yes
MutedInfoReason Yes No47 No Yes
PageSettings No No56 No No
PageSettings.edgeBottom No No59 No No
PageSettings.edgeLeft No No59 No No
PageSettings.edgeRight No No59 No No
PageSettings.edgeTop No No59 No No
TAB_ID_NONE Yes Yes4554 Yes Yes Yes4554 Yes
Tab.audible45 No455432
Tab.autoDiscardable54 No No No41
Tab.cookieStoreId No No52 No No
Tab.discarded54 No575741
Tab.favIconUrl Yes Yes45 No Yes
Tab.height31 No455418
Tab.highlighted Yes No4554 Yes Yes Yes4554 Yes
Tab.incognito Yes Yes *4554 Yes
Tab.index Yes Yes4554 Yes
Tab.isArticle No No58 No No
Tab.isInReaderMode No No58 No No
Tab.lastAccessed No No5656 No
Tab.mutedInfo46 No455433
Tab.openerTabId18 No57 No15
Tab.pinned Yes Yes4554 Yes
Tab.selected Yes No4554 Yes
Tab.sessionId31 No No No18
Tab.status Yes Yes4554 Yes
Tab.title Yes Yes4554 Yes
Tab.url Yes Yes4554 Yes
Tab.width31 No455418
Tab.windowId Yes Yes4554 Yes
TabStatus Yes Yes4554 Yes
WindowType Yes Yes4554 Yes
ZoomSettings Yes No45 No Yes
ZoomSettingsMode Yes No45 No Yes
ZoomSettingsScope Yes No45 No Yes
captureTab No No5959 No
captureVisibleTab Yes *154754 Yes *
connect Yes No4554 Yes
create Yes Yes4554 Yes
detectLanguage Yes Yes45 No Yes
discard54 * Yes58 No Yes *
duplicate Yes No4754 Yes
executeScript Yes Yes43 *54 Yes
executeScript.runAt20 No435415
executeScript.frameId39 No43 *54 *26
executeScript.matchAboutBlank39 Yes535426
get Yes Yes4554 Yes
getAllInWindow Yes No4554 No
getCurrent Yes Yes4554 Yes
getSelected Yes No No No No
getZoom Yes No45 No Yes
getZoomSettings Yes No45 No Yes
hide No No59 * No No
highlight Yes No No No No
insertCSS Yes Yes4754 Yes
insertCSS.runAt20 No475415
insertCSS.frameId39 Yes475426
insertCSS.matchAboutBlank39 Yes No No26
insertCSS.cssOrigin No No5354 No
move Yes No46 No Yes
onActivated Yes Yes4554 Yes
onActiveChanged Yes No No No No
onAttached Yes154554 Yes
onCreated Yes Yes4554 Yes
onDetached Yes154554 Yes
onHighlightChanged Yes No No No No
onHighlighted Yes No4554 No
onMoved Yes No45 No Yes
onRemoved Yes Yes4554 Yes
onReplaced Yes No No No Yes
onSelectionChanged Yes No No No No
onUpdated Yes Yes4554 Yes
onZoomChange Yes No45 No Yes
print No No56 No No
printPreview No No56 No No
query Yes Yes *4554 Yes
reload Yes No4554 Yes
remove Yes Yes4554 Yes
removeCSS No No4954 No
saveAsPDF No No56 * No No
sendMessage Yes Yes *4554 Yes
sendRequest Yes No No No No
setZoom Yes No45 No Yes
setZoomSettings Yes No No No Yes
show No No59 * No No
toggleReaderMode No No58 No No
update Yes Yes4554 Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
Theme No No55 No No
getCurrent No No58 No No
onUpdated No No58 No No
reset No No56 No No
reset.windowId No No57 No No
update No No55 No No
update.windowId No No57 No No


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
MostVisitedURL Yes No5252 Yes
get Yes No5252 Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
BrowserSetting Yes No5454 Yes
BrowserSetting.onChange Yes No No No Yes


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
TransitionQualifier Yes No48 *48 *17
TransitionQualifier.from_address_bar Yes No No No17
TransitionType Yes No48 *48 *17
getAllFrames Yes Yes474817
getFrame Yes Yes474817
onBeforeNavigate Yes * Yes *45 *48 *17 *
onCommitted Yes * Yes *45 *48 *17 *
onCommitted.transitionQualifiers Yes No484817
onCommitted.transitionType Yes No4848