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Permite que as extensões armazenem e recuperem dados, e escutem as alterações aos itens armazenados.

O sistema de armazenamento é baseado na API de Armazenamento da Web, com algumas diferenças. Entre outras diferençãs, estas incluem:

  • It's asynchronous.
  • Values are scoped to the extension, not to a specific domain (i.e. the same set of key/value pairs are available to all scripts in the background context and content scripts).
  • The values stored can be any JSON-ifiable value, not just String. Among other things, this includes: Array and Object, but only when their contents can can be represented as JSON, which does not include DOM nodes. You don't need to convert your values to JSON Strings prior to storing them, but they are represented as JSON internally, thus the requirement that they be JSON-ifiable.
  • Multiple key/value pairs can be set or retrieved in the same API call.

To use this API you need to include the "storage" permission in your manifest.json file.

Each extension has its own storage area, which can be split into different types of storage.

Although this API is similar to Window.localStorage it is recommended that you don't use Window.localStorage in the extension code to store extension-related data. Firefox will clear data stored by extensions using the localStorage API in various scenarios where users clear their browsing history and data for privacy reasons, while data saved using the storage.local API will be correctly persisted in these scenarios.


An object representing a storage area.
An object representing a change to a storage area.


storage has three properties, which represent the different types of available storage area.

Represents the sync storage area. Items in sync storage are synced by the browser, and are available across all instances of that browser that the user is logged into, across different devices.
Represents the local storage area. Items in local storage are local to the machine the extension was installed on.
Represents the managed storage area. Items in managed storage are set by the domain administrator and are read-only for the extension. Trying to modify this namespace results in an error.


Fired when one or more items change in a storage area.

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This API is based on Chromium's API. This documentation is derived from storage.json in the Chromium code.

Microsoft Edge compatibility data is supplied by Microsoft Corporation and is included here under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

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