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MDN Web Docs é uma plataforma de aprendizagem em evolução para as tecnologias da Web e software que energiza a Web, incluindo:

A nossa missão

MDN's mission is simple: to provide complete, accurate, and helpful documentation for everything about the open Web, whether it's supported by Mozilla-built software or not. If it's an open technology exposed to the Web, we want to document it.

In addition, we provide documentation about how to build and contribute to Mozilla projects and about Firefox OS and Web app development.

If you're not sure whether a particular topic should be covered on MDN, read: Does this belong on MDN?

Como é que pode ajudar

You don't need to be able to code—or to write—in order to be able to help MDN! We have lots of ways you can help, from reviewing articles to be sure they make sense, to contributing text, to adding sample code. In fact, there are so many ways to help that we have a Getting Started page that helps you pick tasks to do, based on your interests and how much time you have to spare!

You can also help by promoting MDN on your own blog or website.

A comunidade da MDN

Our community is a global one! We have amazing contributors all around the world, in a number of languages. If you'd like to learn more about us, or if you need help of any kind with MDN, feel free to check out our discussion forum or IRC channel !

Join the MDN community

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Utilizar conteúdo da MDN Web Docs

Direitos de Autor e Licenças

MDN wiki documents have been prepared with the contributions of many authors, both within and outside the Mozilla Foundation. Unless otherwise indicated, the content is available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC-BY-SA), v2.5 or any later version. Please attribute "Mozilla Contributors" and include a hyperlink (online) or URL (in print) to the specific wiki page for the content being sourced. For example, to provide attribution for this article, you can write:

Sobre a MDN, pelos Colaboradores da Mozilla (inglês) está licenciado sob CC-BY-SA 2.5.

Note that in the example, "Mozilla Contributors" links to the history of the cited page. See Best practices for attribution (EN) for further explanation.

Nota: consulte o conteúdo da MDN em para informação sobre como reutilizar e atribuir conteúdo MDN nesse site.

Code samples added to this wiki before August 20, 2010 are available under the MIT license; you should insert the following attribution information into the MIT template: "© <date of last wiki page revision> <name of person who put it in the wiki>".

Code samples added on or after August 20, 2010 are in the public domain. No licensing notice is necessary, but if you need one, you can use: "Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.".

If you wish to contribute to this wiki, you must make your documentation available under the Attribution-ShareAlike license (or occasionally an alternative license already specified by the page you are editing), and your code samples available under Creative Commons CC-0 (a Public Domain dedication). Adding to this wiki means you agree that your contributions will be made available under those licenses.

Some older content was made available under a license other than the licenses noted above; these are indicated at the bottom of each page by way of an Alternate License Block.

Não podem ser criadas novas páginas utilizando licenças alternativas.

Os direitos de autor para os materiais contribuídos permanecem com o autor, a menos que o mesmo o atribua a outra pessoa.

Se tiver quaisquer questões relacionadas ou problemas sobre qualquer coisa aqui discutida, por favor, contacte Eric Shepherd.

The rights in the trademarks, logos, service marks of the Mozilla Foundation, as well as the look and feel of this web site, are not licensed under the Creative Commons license, and to the extent they are works of authorship (like logos and graphic design), they are not included in the work that is licensed under those terms. If you use the text of documents, and wish to also use any of these rights, or if you have any other questions about complying with our licensing terms for this collection, you should contact the Mozilla Foundation here:

Transferência de conteúdo

Pode transferir um tarball mirror completo da MDN. (1.8GB as of 2016-05-22)

Páginas únicas

You can retrieve the content of a single page on MDN by adding document parameters to the URL to specify what format you want.

Ferramentas de terceiros

You can view MDN content via third-party tools like Dash (for Mac OS) and Zeal (for Linux and Windows).

Kapeli also publishes offline MDN docs covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG, and XSLT.

Interligação com a MDN

See this article for guidance on linking to MDN for best practices when linking.

Comunicação de problemas com a MDN

Consultar "Como comunicar um problema na MDN".

Histórico da MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs (anteriormente Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), anteriormente projeto da Mozilla Developer Center (MDC), a.k.a. Devmo) começou no início de 2005, quando a Fundação Mozilla (inglês) obteve a licença da AOL para utilizar o conteúdo DevEdge original do Netscape. O conteúdo DevEdge foi minado para o material ainda útil, que foi migrado por voluntários para esta wiki, e assim esta seria mais fácil para atualizar e manter.

Pode encontrar mais história da MDN na nossa página de celebração do 10º. aniversário, incluindo uma história verbal por algumas das pessoas que estiverem envolvidas.

Sobre a Mozilla

Se quer saber mais sobre quem somos, como fazer parte da Mozilla ou apenas onde nos encontrar, veio ao lugar certo. Para descobrir o que nos impulsiona e nos torna diferentes, visite a nossa página da missão.

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