Utilizar HTML para resolver problemas comuns

Estrutura básica

As seguintes hiperligações apontam para soluções de problemas comuns diários que terá de resolver com HTML.

The most basic application of HTML is document structure. If you're new to HTML you should start with this.

Semântica de nível de texto básica

HTML specializes in providing semantic information for a document, so HTML answers many questions you might have about how to get your message across best in your document.


One of the main reasons for HTML is make navigation easy with hyperlinks, which can be used in many different ways:

Imagens e multimédia

Scripting e estilização

HTML only sets up document structure. To solve presentation issues, use CSS, or use scripting to make your page interactive.

Conteúdo integrado

Problemas incomuns ou avançados

Beyond the basics, HTML is very rich and offers advanced features for solving complex problems. These articles help you tackle the less common use cases you may face:


Forms are a complex HTML structure made to send data from a webpage to a web server. We encourage you to go over our full dedicated guide. Here is where you should start:

Informação tabular

Some information, called tabular data, needs to be organized into tables with columns and rows. It's one of the most complex HTML structures, and mastering it is not easy:

Representação de dados