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Existem várias coisas que pode fazer para ajudar o projeto Mozilla no departamento de Garantia de Qualidade (GQ), e nenhuma delas exige que precise de saber programar. Algumas até nem precisam que saiba HTML ou outras tecnologias web. Se está interessado em ajudar-nos com testes e outras actividades GQ, necessita primeiro de ler as páginas Garantia de Qualidade Mozilla e Ajudar com a Garantia de Qualidade.


Bug writing guidelines
The more effectively a bug is reported, the more likely that an engineer will actually fix it. By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that your bugs stay at the top of the Mozilla engineers' heap, and get fixed.
How to screen out duplicate bug reports
This is a guide to help you identify as many of the duplicate incoming bug reports as you can, as efficiently as possible. It's assumed that you are already comfortable with the basics of searching Bugzilla for duplicates.
How to find out if a bug has been previously reported
You can help to get more bugs fixed faster by checking the Bugzilla database before submitting your bug report, and not creating a duplicate report if the bug you found has been reported already.
How to use Regular Expressions when searching Bugzilla
This guide is designed to provide you with enough background knowledge and real-life examples to be able use the other text matching types mozilla offers (especially regular expressions) -- and that's how you'll get the experience.

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