Ferramentas e frameworks

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

This part of the App Center provides guides to using tools, frameworks and libraries to speed up Open Web App development — Brick, app templates, X-Tag, and Firefox OS Cordova support.

Componentes e modelos

Web components and Mozilla Brick
Mozilla Brick is a Web component library, based on the X-Tag library, which allows easy usage of custom elements.
Utilização de modelos de aplicaçãoes
To help you get going with app development as quickly as possible, there are some template apps you can use as a basis for your own apps. This guide provides information on those templates, how to get them, and how to work with them.
X-Tag and the Web components specification family provide a means for us to define custom elements that will dealt with as first class citizens by the browser, rather than as an inefficient afterthought. This guide explains how they work.
Elementos personalizados
This article describes some of the most useful custom elements available inside Mozilla's X-Tag library.

Aplicações de plataforma cruzada e ferramentas de criação

Cordova support for Firefox OS
This article provides a basic introduction to Apache Cordova and explains how to use it to generate an Open Web App for installation on Firefox OS.
Cordova Firefox OS plugin reference
Reference showing sample code and examples for the Cordova plugins that currently support Firefox OS.