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ReJoy.Js demo shows an animated story made from a very simple HTML page. The page has basically static image elements. When you click the link at the top you will turn on the ReJoy.js and watch the story. This demonstration uses HTML5 and CSS transitions effects and it provides animation effects for a page without damaging the page structure.

This demonstration is a concept and the main point is to illustrate the importance of preserving markup when working with rich animation toolkit. Now that HTML5 is full of fun things to do, the initial direction of many web developers and toolkit manufacturers is to build complex JS attachments to web pages which results in broken pages when you do not want to experience the animation. This is the main argument of ReJoy.js and the base library. It's here as a case and as an article. It's also important to mention that this work is a continuation of a demonstration named Conductor [1]. The base library, tagvisor.js is a component of the TelaSocial project available in GitHub. The demo, so far, works with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


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