Pinch That Frog!

A Multi-touch CSS3 game. No images. Just one plain index.html file.

Criado com JavaScript, Multi-touch, CSS3,

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The objective of the game (other than showcasing the multi-touch events) is to pinch as many frogs as you can using your fingers on the touch screen device.

You can also play it on Non-touch screen, BUT you won't be able to pass the next stage, since Stage 2 required you to pinched 2 frogs.

There are 10 stages in the game and the frogs are really slippery. If you manage to pinched the frog, make sure you didn't move your finger or else froggy will start to jump again!

The demo looks good on Opera, Chrome, Safari and looks really really smooth on Firefox!

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  1. andy.js disse,

    My 5 years old daughter love your demo! At first I was checking on how you solved the touchleave event on the ipad, but now... Daughter pinching the frogs, laughing and jumping for joy. She on stage 6 now!
  2. Danny.D disse,

    Thanks! I'm so glad your daughter liked it. Haha kids like frogs for sure.
  3. DarrelKremov disse,

    Good one! I actually managed to pass stage 2, without multi-touch screen!
    By the way, do you know if the Mozilla guys check the ecompton email address? I need a parental consent form, so I emailed them, but still haven't gotten a reply...
  4. Danny.D disse,

    I think they do. That email belong to elizabeth, if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps you can email again?

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