Later Heaven Bagua

Listen to the sounds of nature through the Later heaven Bagua Symbol and Make your own symphony.

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The octagonal trigram template is a common symbol for the term Bagua.
The template has eight (ba) areas (guas), connecting two neighbouring corners of the octagonal trigram towards the centre to form one gua. The centre contains the yin and yang symbol, or taijitu as per taoist philosophy.
Each of the ‘guas’ shows three yao symbols, stretching in three rows from the centre to the outer side.

Use your mouse to hover each part of the Bagua an hear each respective sound.

Make your own symphony.
Click in the yin yang simbol to start listening the song...then pass the mouse over
the trapezes and combine the different sounds of nature with the song.
P.S.: If you want to stop the song, just click outside the yin yang simbol.

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