Fully Interactive Crossword Puzzle - HTML5

Crossword puzzle: use of draggable property of HTML5 elements

Criado com JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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The crossword puzzle is made by extensive use of draggable property of HTML5 image element.
The letters can be copied and dragged on to the grid from an alphabet - unlimited times, of course.
In the event of a mistake, the letters can be erased by just clicking the part of the grid in question.
This was done by HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. No flash or Java involved at any stage.

Images are used for draggable letters, purely for aesthetic reasons.

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  1. The_Beginner disse,

    I downloaded this demo 3 days ago and found it to be the perfect launch pad for my current project, which is to introduce an interactive crossword puzzle into a quarterly association magazine. Although the demo is elementary in shape the coding (particularly the draggable elements) is excellent. Consequently I have rebuilt it to meet my needs and now have a demo of my own for a UK-style 15x15 cryptic crossword puzzle which runs perfectly. Questions:
    1. Who wants to see the demo?
    2. How do I make it available - put it on my website, send the folder to...., put it here etc?
    3. Can I go public with the real thing or would that infringe some-one's rights?
  2. MakisMouzakitis disse,

    @THE_BEGINNER Where could I see your demo?

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