Sheppy (Eric Shepherd)

  • Developer Documentation Lead
  • Mozilla
  • Maryville, Tennessee
  • IRC: sheppy

As MDN's developer documentation team lead, I help coordinate and plan documentation work, as well as producing docs and sample code for open Web developers, as well as open Web app developers, Firefox addon developers, and Firefox developers.

You can see what I've been up to here: If you happen to use Google+, I'm here:

I am also the non-destroyer of worlds!


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Remove in-content iframes

Remove in-content iframes

Remove in-content iframes

Исследование и выбор цветов

Remove the other iframe from the page, replacing with a YouTube embed.


Revert to revision of 2015-03-28 11:19:56 by jsx: "The error fixed in the previous version was there intentionally, as an example of a possible error that might occur in real code."