CSS Transforms

Experimental: Esta é uma tecnologia experimental (en-US)
Verifique a tabela de compatibilidade entre Navegadores cuidadosamente antes de usar essa funcionalidade em produção.

CSS Transforms is a module of CSS that defines how elements styled with CSS can be transformed in two-dimensional or three-dimensional space.


CSS Properties


Using CSS transforms
Step-by-step tutorial about how to transform elements styled with CSS.


Specification Status Comment
CSS Transforms Level 1 Rascunho atual Initial definition.

Compatibilidade com navegadores

Estamos convertendo nossos dados de compatibilidade para o formato JSON. Esta tabela de compatibilidade ainda usa o formato antigo, pois ainda não convertemos os dados que ela contém. Descubra como você pode ajudar! (en-US)

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support

(Yes) -webkit (en-US)

3.5 (1.9.1)-moz (en-US)[1]
16.0 (16.0)[2]
9.0-ms (en-US)[3]
10.5-o (en-US)
15.0-webkit (en-US)
3.1-webkit (en-US)
3D Support 12.0-webkit (en-US)
10.0-moz (en-US)
16.0 (16.0)
10.0 15.0-webkit (en-US)
4.0-webkit (en-US)
Feature Android Chrome for Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support 2.1-webkit (en-US)[4] (Yes)-webkit (en-US) (Yes) (Yes)
11.0-webkit (en-US)[5]
11.5-webkit (en-US) 3.2 (Yes)-webkit (en-US)
3D Support 3.0-webkit (en-US) (Yes)-webkit (en-US) (Yes) (Yes) 22-webkit (en-US) 3.2 (Yes)-webkit (en-US)

[1] Gecko 14.0 removed the experimental support for skew(), but it was reintroduced in Gecko 15.0 for compatibility reasons. As it is non-standard and will likely be removed in the future, do not use it.

[2] Before Firefox 16, the translation values of matrix() and matrix3d() could be <length> (en-US), in addition to the standard <number>.

[3] Internet Explorer 5.5 or later supports a proprietary Matrix Filter which can be used to achieve a similar effect.

Internet Explorer 9.0 or earlier has no support for 3D transforms, mixing 3D and 2D transform functions. such as -ms-transform:rotate(10deg) translateZ(0); will prevent the entire property from being applied.

[4] Android 2.3 has a bug where input forms will "jump" when typing, if any container element has a -webkit-transform.

[5] Internet Explorer 11.0 supports the -webkit (en-US) prefixed variant as an alias for the default one.