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This section of the docs covers open web app installation in detail, showing you all you need to know about app manifests, writing install functionality, and more.

Installable app basics

Packaged apps
A packaged app is an Open Web App that has all of its resources contained in a zip file, instead of having its resources on a Web server. In here you'll learn all you need to know about packaged apps.
Hosted apps
A hosted app is an Open Web App that has all of its resources (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, app manifest and so on) stored on a Web server. This article will tell you all you need to know about hosted apps.
Packaged or hosted?
Should you make your app hosted or packaged? This article will help you decide.
Self-publishing apps
This guide explains how to write the code that controls publishing apps, should you wish to write it yourself rather than use the Firefox Marketplace.

Advanced topics

Icon implementation for apps
Implementation specifics for implementing Firefox app icons, including different sizes needed.
Updating apps
How app updates are handled.


App manifest
A detailed guide to Open Web App manifest files, and the different options they can contain.
App permissions
Access to device APIs is key to creating many useful apps. Here is what's available and how to access them.

Note: you can use the Firefox OS App Generator to automatically generate and install FxOS apps with particular permissions, message-listeners, types, etc.

Firefox OS API support table
A list of the different APIs available to Firefox OS, and what support is available for them.
App installation and management APIs
A reference for the installation and management APIs that control installation and other functions of installable Open Web Apps.
Platform-specific details of app installation
There are some differences in how apps are installed across the various platforms that support Open Web Apps; this article will help you to understand them.


App manifests FAQ
Manifest frequently asked questions.


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