Nesta seção de conteúdo nós iremos apresentar-lhe para o tópico de desenvolvimento de Aplicativos Web Abertos, e as áreas que consideramos serem as mais vitais para você se concentrar quando estiver construindo aplicativos que não apenas irão funcionar em diferentes navegadores, como também funcionarão bem quando instalados em platafarmas como o Firefox OS. 

tópicos gerais para o desenvolvimento de aplicativos (app)

Aplicativos instaláveis
Esta seção de artigos passa pelos passos extras que você precisará seguir para fazer um aplicativo web aberto (Open Web App) instalável em um dispositivo incluindo os arquivos de declarações (manifest files), a API de instalação, pacotes e aplicativos hospedados e a manipulação das permissões de API.
Testando e homologando (debugando) aplicativos
Nenhuma documentação de desenvolvimento
No developer documentation would be complete without comprehensive testing advice and tools. Visit our Open Web App testing page for resources on browser debugging tools, the Firefox OS simulator, other useful testing tools for apps, and more.
Using app templates
To help you get going with app development as quickly as possible, there are some template apps you can use as a basis for your own apps. This guide provides information on those templates, how to get them, and how to work with them.
Firefox OS Tips and techniques
An assortment of tips and tricks (as well as workarounds for problems) that our developers have suggested for you!
Articles about optimizing Firefox OS applications.

Things you will want your app to do

Gather and modify data
A lot of what you'll want to do involves retrieving data — from files, the device hardware and key services, and the location around the device. This section looks at topics such as Geolocation, exchanging data from files and phone contacts, battery information, device orientation and light sensors, and grabbing pictures from the camera.
Control the display
This part of the docs contains tutorials covering mechanisms you can use to control the display of data to the user. Obvious topics are full screen, orientation and pointer lock, but this also includes creating phone notifications and controlling vibration.
Work offline
When using apps, it is a great advantage to be able to continue using them when a network connection isn't available, especially on portable devices like laptops and mobile phones. This section looks in detail at making apps work offline using mechanisms such as appCache, localStorage, and IndexedDB.
Manipulate media
A lot of modern web usage includes the consumption and manipulation of media, such as images and video. This part of our docs looks at video, audio, and images, and how to do interesting things with them inside Open Web Apps.
Play games
Special considerations for game app developers, above and beyond the basics of Web app development.
Utilize User services
Here we look at APIs designed to facilitate common user services, such as taking payments and login functionality.
Other Utilities
The last section is somewhat of a catch-all section for utility functionality, optimizations, or other enhancements. Examples include drag and drop, touch events, performance optimizations, web workers, and web sockets.
App permissions
Access to device APIs is key to creating many useful apps. Here is what's available and how to access them.

For basic usage guides on WebAPIs, organized by name, check out our WebAPI page. You can also find an alphabetical list of related API and event reference pages.

Tools for app developers
Technology reference documentation
Getting help from the community

If you still aren't sure how to do what you're trying to get done, feel free to join the conversation!

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