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This is an experimental technology
Check the Browser compatibility table carefully before using this in production.

A propriedade read-only NavigatorLanguage.languages retorna um  array de DOMStrings representando as preferências de idioma do usuario. O idioma é representado usando tags de idioma BCP 47. No array retornado, são ordenados por prioridade os idomas de preferencia. 

The value of navigator.language is the first element of the returned array [3]. (But it refers to the system language setting.)

When its value changes, as the user's preferred languages are changed a languagechange event is fired on the Window object.

The Accept-Language HTTP header in every HTTP request from the user's browser uses the same value for the navigator.languages property except for the extra qvalues (quality values) field (e.g. en-US;q=0.8).


preferredLanguages = globalObj.navigator.languages


navigator.language   //"en-US"
navigator.languages  //["en-US", "zh-CN", "ja-JP"]


Specification Status Comment
HTML 5.1
The definition of 'NavigatorLanguage.languages' in that specification.
Recomendação Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

We're converting our compatibility data into a machine-readable JSON format. This compatibility table still uses the old format, because we haven't yet converted the data it contains. Find out how you can help!

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Edge Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support 32 [3] 32 (32) [1] preview [4] Não suportado 24 [5] 11.0 [2]
on Web workers ? 35 (35) ? Não suportado ? ?
Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support Não suportado 32.0 (32)[1] Não suportado Não suportado Não suportado
on Web workers ? 35.0 (35) ? ? ?

[1] In Firefox, the navigator.languages property's value is taken from the intl.accept_languages preference.
[2] implemented in Safari Technology Preview 16 (10.2): Bug 163220 ; Release Notes
[3] In Chrome, navigator.language is the language of the browser UI, and is not guaranteed to be equal to navigator.languages[0].
[4] Will ship in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: uservoice
[5] Opera 24 release notes

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