A interface DOMException representa um evento anormal (denominado de exceção) durante a chamada ou a espera de um resultado do metodo ou uma solicitação a uma web API. Basicamente, falando, é o tratamento dos erros e condições, dos mesmos, nos processos web.

Cada exceção tem um nome, que é uma pequena string de estilo "CamelCase" que identifica o erro ou condição anormal.


DOMException() (en-US) Experimental

Returns a DOMException object with a specified message and name.


DOMException.code (en-US) Deprecated Somente leitura

Returns a short that contains one of the error code constants, or 0 if none match. This field is used for historical reasons. New DOM exceptions don't use this anymore: they put this info in the (en-US) attribute.

DOMException.message (en-US) Somente leitura

Returns a DOMString representing a message or description associated with the given error name. (en-US) Somente leitura

Returns a DOMString that contains one of the strings associated with an error name.

Error names

Common error names are listed here. Some APIs define their own sets of names, so this is not necessarily a complete list.

Nota: Because historically the errors were identified by a numeric value which corresponded with a named variable defined to have that value, some of the entries below indicate the legacy code value and constant name that were used in the past.


The index is not in the allowed range. For example, this can be thrown by the Range (en-US) object. (Legacy code value: 1 and legacy constant name: INDEX_SIZE_ERR)


The node tree hierarchy is not correct. (Legacy code value: 3 and legacy constant name: HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR)


The object is in the wrong Document. (Legacy code value: 4 and legacy constant name: WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR)


The string contains invalid characters. (Legacy code value: 5 and legacy constant name: INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR)


The object cannot be modified. (Legacy code value: 7 and legacy constant name: NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR)


The object cannot be found here. (Legacy code value: 8 and legacy constant name: NOT_FOUND_ERR)


The operation is not supported. (Legacy code value: 9 and legacy constant name: NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR)


The object is in an invalid state. (Legacy code value: 11 and legacy constant name: INVALID_STATE_ERR)


The string did not match the expected pattern. (Legacy code value: 12 and legacy constant name: SYNTAX_ERR)


The object cannot be modified in this way. (Legacy code value: 13 and legacy constant name: INVALID_MODIFICATION_ERR)


The operation is not allowed by Namespaces in XML. (Legacy code value: 14 and legacy constant name: NAMESPACE_ERR)


The object does not support the operation or argument. (Legacy code value: 15 and legacy constant name: INVALID_ACCESS_ERR)

TypeMismatchError Deprecated

The type of the object does not match the expected type. (Legacy code value: 17 and legacy constant name: TYPE_MISMATCH_ERR) This value is deprecated; the JavaScript TypeError exception is now raised instead of a DOMException with this value.


The operation is insecure. (Legacy code value: 18 and legacy constant name: SECURITY_ERR)

NetworkError Experimental

A network error occurred. (Legacy code value: 19 and legacy constant name: NETWORK_ERR)

AbortError Experimental

The operation was aborted. (Legacy code value: 20 and legacy constant name: ABORT_ERR)

URLMismatchError Experimental

The given URL does not match another URL. (Legacy code value: 21 and legacy constant name: URL_MISMATCH_ERR)

QuotaExceededError Experimental

The quota has been exceeded. (Legacy code value: 22 and legacy constant name: QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR)


The operation timed out. (Legacy code value: 23 and legacy constant name: TIMEOUT_ERR)

InvalidNodeTypeError Experimental

The node is incorrect or has an incorrect ancestor for this operation. (Legacy code value: 24 and legacy constant name: INVALID_NODE_TYPE_ERR)

DataCloneError Experimental

The object can not be cloned. (Legacy code value: 25 and legacy constant name: DATA_CLONE_ERR)

EncodingError Experimental

The encoding or decoding operation failed (No legacy code value and constant name).

NotReadableError Experimental

The input/output read operation failed (No legacy code value and constant name).

UnknownError Experimental

The operation failed for an unknown transient reason (e.g. out of memory) (No legacy code value and constant name).

ConstraintError Experimental

A mutation operation in a transaction failed because a constraint was not satisfied (No legacy code value and constant name).

DataError Experimental

Provided data is inadequate (No legacy code value and constant name).

TransactionInactiveError Experimental

A request was placed against a transaction which is currently not active, or which is finished (No legacy code value and constant name).

ReadOnlyError Experimental

The mutating operation was attempted in a "readonly" transaction (No legacy code value and constant name).

VersionError Experimental

An attempt was made to open a database using a lower version than the existing version (No legacy code value and constant name).

OperationError Experimental

The operation failed for an operation-specific reason (No legacy code value and constant name).


The request is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context, possibly because the user denied permission (No legacy code value and constant name).


Specification Status Comment
The definition of 'constructor' in that specification.
Candidata a Recomendação Adds the constructor for the DOMException class. Adds the NotReadableError, UnknownError, ConstraintError, DataError, TransactionInactiveError, ReadOnlyError, VersionError, OperationError, and NotAllowedError values.
The definition of 'DOMException' in that specification.
Obsoleto Added SECURITY_ERR, NETWORK_ERR, ABORT_ERR, URL_MISMATCH_ERR, QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR, TIMEOUT_ERR, INVALID_NODE_TYPE_ERR, and DATA_CLONE_ERR. The property code has been deprecated for exception values. The EncodingError value added.
Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Core Specification
The definition of 'DOMException' in that specification.
Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Core Specification
The definition of 'DOMException' in that specification.
Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 Specification
The definition of 'DOMException' in that specification.
Obsoleto Initial definition.

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