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XUL Tutorial
A guided tutorial that will help you get started with XUL, originally from XULPlanet.

XUL (XML User Interface Language) is Mozilla's XML-based language for building user interfaces. In particular, it is used by Firefox. Web developers already familiar with HTML will learn XUL quickly and can start building applications right away. Open XUL Periodic Table in Firefox or another Gecko-based browser to see some XUL demos.

Note: This "XUL Periodic Table" cannot be shown in recent versions of Gecko because it uses remote XUL, a technology whose support was dropped because of potential security issues. There is a XULRunner application containing the XUL Periodic Table which can be opened with Gecko based browsers. You can get it here. See: XULRunner_tips#Using_Firefox_3_to_run_XULRunner_applications for instructions on running XULRunner apps in Firefox.


XUL Reference
XUL elements, attributes, properties, methods, and event handlers.
XUL Controls
A quick list of all of the available XUL controls.
XUL School
A comprehensive tutorial on Mozilla add-on development.
The Joy of XUL
Describes the key features and components of XUL.
Menus and Popups Guide
A guide on using menus and popup panels.
Template Guide
A detailed guide on XUL templates, which is a means of generating content from a datasource.
Drag and Drop
How to perform drag and drop operations.
Overlays are used to describe extra content for the UI. They provide a powerful mechanism for extending and customizing existing XUL applications.
Adapting XUL Applications for Firefox 3.0
A list of changes in Firefox 3.0, affecting XUL developers.
Adapting XUL Applications for Firefox 2.0
A list of changes in Firefox 2.0, affecting XUL developers.
Adapting XUL Applications for Firefox 1.5
A list of changes in Firefox 1.5, affecting XUL developers.

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