Status da Documentação

O MDN contém milhares de documentos. Com o objetivo de mantê-los, nós classificamos em diferentes projetos e coordenamos o trabalho para ser feito em cada um usando um específico tipo de página, a página de status de documentação.

Essa página dá a seguinte informação:

  • the scope of the project
  • an overview of the current status, using the green/orange/red color and simple metrics, to track coverage, errors, progress, review needed.
  • a list of pages to create, to fix and basic information about how to do it.
  • information about who are driving this project and how to get in touch with them. The drivers can be either staff members, a volunteers or a mix of them.
  • ideas about how to improve this area of the MDN in the future.
  • the status of the localization of the project

Os objetivos destas páginas são:

  • to have more transparency about the status of a specific area of the MDN, and to track progress made;
  • to allow people to find more easily tasks to perform;
  • to allow people to take responsibilities in some areas and to bring them the tools to ease the management of areas of documentation.

Feel free to add new ones that you will create and maintain. Feel free to contribute to any of the tasks listed there and to contain the listed drivers.

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