The Planetarium

A CSS3 journey through the Solar System

Criado com SVG, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Fontes & Tipografia

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Works in Firefox 4, Chrome, Safari.

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  1. brianvessells disse,

    very nice!!!
  2. jamessekar007 disse,

  3. arakish disse,

    sucks. even with broadband, takes too long to load. and it don't work.
  4. SavannahHaney21 disse,

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  5. a.GNUbie@myLetters.US disse,

    Heights of mountains on Mars should be in meters not KM.
  6. jredkai disse,

    Very awesome!! Keep up the good work!! But just for constructive criticism where is Pluto?
  7. NeXy96 disse,

    it does work for me ;)
  8. DarrelKremov disse,

    Officially, Pluto is no longer considered a "planet" part of the Solar System.
  9. DarrelKremov disse,

    P.S. It's considered a "dwarf planet", like Eris.
  10. Mr.QBlack disse,

    Thats really awesome, keep up this great work :).
  11. mediafirresp disse,

    The demo is well made but the credits page link is still there even after you select a planet.
  12. YangHanlin disse,

  13. martinasmith disse,

    nice one.. already share in my social network..

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