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Help UFO reach the planet

Criado com JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, CSS3, Móvel,

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Help UFO on its way to planet. Calibrate your device and take care of UFO spaceship. Avoid blackholes!

The game is optimized to mobile devices (tested on Firefox on Galaxy S and Safari iPad) but it is also running on Firefox and Chrome on MacBook too.
All graphics are generated on canvas (fractal algorithms are used to create stones shapes and textures).

For better UX there is implemented calibrate tool to adjust moves of device (there are possibility to set center, change x and y axes and revert values for x and y). The calibration tool is available after click on buttons 'Calibrate' or is also shown automatically when the orientation of device has changed.

You can also use 'W', 'S', 'A', 'D' keys to move an UFO.

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Esse demo está sob a licença BSD.

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