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An AR Game

An augmented reality 2D to 3D puzzler

Criado com JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, WebGL, Vídeo,

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There are two rules: capture the pieces before they fall on the ground; and capture them in the specified order. If you succeed you'll move onto the next level. If you fail... well, then try again.

This game uses AR markers to control wormholes; which are portals between a 2D and 3D world. In order to play you'll need to print the AR marker page. A link is provided in-game. Fasten the page to a piece of cardboard for ease of manipulation. Show the page to your webcam, and align the reticule with a marker to open a wormhole. A gameplay video link is provided should you need an example or are unwilling to waste ink/paper.

Please note that a well-lit play area is required. Increasing your display's brightness is a good way to provide illumination; since it casts light onto the markers.

Technologies used:

Three.js (
Box2D.js (‎)
CreateJS (‎)
JSARToolkit (‎)

Play here:

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  1. m.Joudeh disse,

    First of all, very nice!
    But when I downloaded the source code and ran it, my Chrome Browser showed a "JavaScript Alert" saying "Couldn't access webcam." That didn't happen when I launched the demo online, since I was prompted to allow webcam access.
    What to do?

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